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Take orders from anywhere your customers may be

Increase sales, reach more customers, and streamline operations

Restaurant Manager’s Online Ordering generates a new revenue stream, provides your customers with an easy and convenient way to place orders and helps increase sales while reducing labor costs. You also benefit from a fully integrated solution that eliminates costly third-party providers and ties all of your reporting and management together through Restaurant Manager.


online ordering on your terms

Third-party online ordering vendors are ever changing, and fees will likely continue to rise. With Online Ordering by Restaurant Manager, you benefit from a fully integrated solution. This eliminates costly third-party providers and ties all of your reporting and management together through Restaurant Manager. 


No more tablets!

To keep track of incoming orders, you must display each third-party vendors’ tablet on your countertop taking up space and creating a confusing workspace. With RM Online Ordering, you only have to rely on the POS screen for all orders.

Robust and integrated reporting

As a fully integrated system, Restaurant Manager ties together all of your operational reporting. You can set RM Online Ordering as a separate revenue center and easily report on all your operations from one location.

Advance ordering

Give customers the ability to order whenever they want, 24 hours a day. You can take a lunch order for the next day or the next week then have it automatically send the order to the kitchen at the right time.

New revenue stream

Whether it’s delivery or pickup, RM Online Ordering helps you never miss an order. Increase your average ticket and frequency of customer purchases. Leverage suggestive upselling online to boost tickets.

Reduce labor and overall costs

Free up employees to tend to less time consuming activities than taking phone orders. Eliminate the need for extra staffing as orders go directly to the kitchen.

Multiple types of payments accepted

RM Online Ordering accepts all major credit cards. Merchants can also accept RM Gift Cards for RM Online Ordering.

Get reimbursed faster

With RM Online Ordering, get your money as soon as the next day because it acts just like any other credit card account.

Mobile-responsive site

The fresh and modern user interface works on laptops, desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

Build a marketing database

Collect customer email addresses to populate your marketing database and increase repeat business.

Direct kitchen printing

Personalized orders go straight to the kitchen.

contactless online ordering

These days, online ordering is the safest way that your guests can experience your food and hospitality. With online ordering from Restaurant Manager, you can be sure that your restaurant will be set up to make first-time customers into regulars - especially once the COVID-19 crisis is over.

online ordering customers we serve

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