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Restaurant manager


Restaurant Manager's Restaurant POS System helps to decrease costs, improve efficiencies and increase revenue.


Ideal for fine dining, casual dining, bar-service and take-out, Restaurant Manager’s Restaurant POS System provides a POS solution to meet your needs. The technology has been honed to provide a POS software package that is fast and flexible. Whether its ease-of-use, check splitting or real-time sales reports, this POS software gives you all of the tools needed to boost your bottom line while making customers happy.

Restaurant POS System Features to Improve Operations

Table Side Order Placement

Servers place orders more quickly, and turn more tables with access to operational information via cell phone, email, or PDA.

Table Management

Accurately manage projected wait times and organize overall seating management with RM Wait List.

Management Reporting

Get information on voids, staff productivity, which menu items are performing well and a wide variety of other important operational information.

Inventory Control

Eliminate theft and waste with a powerful and robust Inventory Control module.

Split Check

Streamlined split check makes it easy to accommodate customers.

Back Office Reporting

Robust reporting helps you make better business decisions.



A combination of state-of-the-art hardware with a simple and intuitive Restaurant POS software, Restaurant Manager’s SkyTab solution provides a guest facing pay-at-the-table (PATT) experience for your restaurant. From PATT to tableside reordering to customer engagement, SkyTab provides the tools you need to boost your bottom line and make your restaurant customers happy.

"With Restaurant Manager and RM Payments, it’s a one-stop shop. All in all, Restaurant Manager is the perfect solution for security, customization and local support."

Lisa Trani, Floor Manager, La Grotta Ristorante


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