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PAR Drive-Thru System G5

Simply genius.

Delivering the best possible drive-thru experience for your customer.

That’s the genius of G5.

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PAR Drive-Thru System G5

The sound of success.

A complete drive-thru solution – designed to give you a competitive edge.

Making sure drive-thru orders are handled fast and accurately is a sure way to keep your customers coming back.

Now, PAR science helps you tap the full profit potential of your drive-thru with a communications system that combines unmatched sound clarity with rock-solid reliability and ease of use.

The new PAR Drive-Thru System G5 is designed to keep your drive-thru moving quickly and ensure customers are getting exactly what they ordered. The result?

Happier customers. More operational efficiency. Lower costs.

That’s the genius of G5.

PAR's docking station keeps you

powered up, all day long

You’ve got enough on your plate without having to worry about misplaced or lost batteries. With the G5 system, there’s no need to remove batteries from the headset when you need a charge – just insert the headset into the docking station and you’re good to go!

• Charges five headsets without having to remove the batteries

• Charges up to five additional batteries
• Can be wall-mounted or used on a tabletop

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A smarter way to connect with customers

The PAR Drive-Thru Headset G5 offers a full menu of intelligent features to keep your team connected.


Smart technology for sound drive-thru results

PAR’s network-ready basestation is the real brains of the system. The 3M Drive-Thru Basestation G5 is designed with our most advanced technology, and combined with a new menu post speaker and microphone, delivers superior sound clarity and clearer communication between the order taker and the customer.

G5-Base-Station-scaled copy 2.png

Improve order accuracy. Boost customer satisfaction. That’s the genius of smarter sound.

  • Advanced Noise Reduction delivers superior
    sound quality for the order taker and at the menu post

  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation reduces echoes for clearer sound and easier comprehension

  • Automatic Gain Control keeps volume steady and strong

  • Spread Spectrum reduces interference

Easier up-sell. Enhanced productivity. That’s the genius of the built-in greeter.

  • Record up to 16 messages, each up to 10 seconds in length

  • Use greeter messages to promote key menu items

  • Create alerts and reminder messages to increase compliance and keep your team on task

  • Messages can be scheduled by daypart and easily uploaded to the basestation

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Self-service in a snap.

That's the genius of G5.

Take service into your own hands with the G5’s unique modular headset design. You can quickly remove the control pod from the carrier and swap out a new carrier in seconds right in the store, saving you time and money. And every G5 headset system includes an extra carrier, so you can keep the orders coming without interruption.

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